Saturday, August 27, 2011


I ran into the founders of New2Lou at Vint last night. They made the formation of a bar night that has hundreds of followers sound so simple to contrive. And when they heard about my blog and the idea behind being a "local townie" they were so excited because they've been looking for more newcomer bloggers.

It's important to have a list of "must haves" for transplants that are starting fresh without knowing anyone in town. I'm definitely one of those people and while I'm still exploring the city, I've come up with a few superlatives that are essential for any new Louisvillian.

Best areas to live (based on wanting to live where you're social, minimizing car transportation, and having a young, hip vibe with unique homes/apartments/businesses):
-Frankfort Ave (Crescent Hill/Clifton)
-The Highlands
-St Matthews
-Old Louisville

Best radio stations:
-91.9 My favorite with lots of up-and-coming artists and old favorites. Wagon Wheel was playing when I first turned to it so I knew it had to be a good station. You'll hear lots of VH1 You Oughta Know artists, jazz night, and bluegrass day.
-102.3 The 90's and today. Hearing an old GooGoo Doll's song or Blues Traveler come on after Beyonce or Lady Gaga is so refreshing and fun. I'm always a fan of the Top 40 from previous decades because pop culture is timeless and the nostalgia pulls you back to a time when you were more naive, life was less complicated, and your fashion sense was disastrous.
-98.9 Top 40 will never steer you wrong... errr... not too wrong at least.
-107.7 Classic Rock, because without Journey, I might have stopped believing. Rock fist.

Best Outdoor Seating:
-Vint (Frankfort Ave)
-Grape Leaf (Frankfort Ave)
-Meridian Cafe (St Matthews)
-Molly Malone's (The Highlands)
-Ramsi's Cafe on the World (The Highlands)

Best Southern Food:
-Frankfort Ave Beer Depot (I mean, they have corn hole in the back yard and you can get PBR by the pitcher. No contest.)
-Mark's Feed Store
-Homemade Ice-Cream & Pie Kitchen

Best Parks/Outdoor fun:
-Cherokee Park
-Seneca Park
-Waterfront Park
-Louisville Zoo
-The Red River Gorge
-Mammoth Caves

That's just a sip of the flavor of Lou; there's so much more! I hope that all of the New2Lou townies find this blog and that it helps guide them in their first experiences in town. I have only been here for two months so I'm still uncovering tons of awesome things every day.

Stay tuned-- there's lots more from this new local townie!

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